Amazon Debuts Biometric Payment System in Two Go Stores

By Sheridan Fifer

A new cashless payment method is being tested in two Amazon Go stores in Seattle. Amazon One uses palm-recognition technology to allow customers to pay with a wave of their hand. It isn't necessary to have an Amazon account to use the device, which matches a credit card to a human hand scan. Amazon cited privacy concerns over facial recognition technology and said that palm-recognition would give customers more control. The company also said that it hoped other retailers and companies would one day use the device, whether it's in stores, stadiums, or workplaces. In the meantime, Amazon plans to launch the device in more of its own stores in the coming months. 

Cashless payments of all kinds have been on the rise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it’s no surprise that Amazon is looking for a bigger piece of the action.

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