Amazon Is Building Up Its Air Fleet

By Sheridan Fifer

After adding nine planes to its fleet in just three months, Amazon Air now boasts a total of around 70 planes, with plans to grow that number to 80 by 2021. Amazon Air is only a few years old; it launched in 2016. But Amazon has big plans for its air fleet. Its air hub in northern Kentucky is scheduled to open in 2021. Researchers are calling it the "lynchpin" in Amazon delivery strategy for the U.S. Indeed, the hub will have room for 100 Amazon Air planes and could be handling around 200 flights per day. All this points to big ambitions, and possible trouble for delivery rivals such as UPS and FedEx. But for the time being, these delivery companies are still far ahead of Amazon, at least in terms of numbers of planes. 

While its fleet has grown since May, Amazon Air still remains smaller than its rivals, including FedEx, which operates 463 planes, UPS’ fleet of 275 planes and DHL’s 77 planes...

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