Amazon Loses JEDI Contract to Microsoft (Again)

By Sheridan Fifer

On Friday, the Pentagon once again chose Microsoft over Amazon in the battle for the $10 billion JEDI military cloud computing contract. It comes as a blow to Amazon, who challenged the decision of the Department of Defense in a lawsuit and sparked a review of the process last year. Amazon alleged that the Department of Defense had not properly considered certain aspects of the proposals and that the proceedings were biased against Amazon because of President Trump's personal enmity toward Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Department of Defense rejected these arguments, saying that Microsoft's proposal still represented the best value for the government. Amazon's legal challenge to the decision still has to be fought out in court, and Microsoft cannot begin work on the contract until a resolution is reached. 

The JEDI contract was steeped in controversy even before Amazon lost. IBM and Oracle, which were also up for the contract, complained in early 2019 the process was biased in favor of Amazon.

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