Amazon May Finally Have Set a Date for Prime Day

By Sheridan Fifer

Several news sources have cited internal Amazon emails that suggest the long-awaited Prime Day could at last have a date: October 13-14. Prime Day is usually held in July, but the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting deluge of online orders forced Amazon to push back the date indefinitely. The reported date for Prime Day makes sense, given that the online retailer has already announced that it will begin holding Black Friday sales every Friday beginning October 26 and ending after Thanksgiving weekend. Prime Day, if it was going to happen at all, needed to take place before then to avoid encroaching on the holiday shopping season. Still, if Prime Day does take place in October, that is two major Amazon sales events taking place in the same month. And Amazon isn't the only one with big plans for October. 

That will also be the month that Walmart, eBay and Target have committed to starting early holiday shopping sales to prevent crowds in stores during Thanksgiving weekend, and to get a head start on moving inventory during the all-important Q4.

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