Amazon Rolls Out In-Garage Grocery Delivery Nationwide

By Sheridan Fifer

In November, Amazon gave Prime members in five cities the option to have their groceries delivered inside their garages. The pilot was apparently a success. Amazon is rolling out the service, called Key In-Garage Grocery Delivery, to all the markets where the online retailer delivers groceries. That is more than 5,000 locations nationwide. 

Amazon and Walmart are racing to out-innovate each other in the last-mile delivery wars. Walmart currently offers InHome Delivery in a handful of markets, a step up from garage delivery, but more limited in its reach than Amazon's service. But while Amazon's service doesn't account for temperature-sensitive grocery items, Walmart is testing unattended boxes with three temperature controlled zones in Northwest Arkansas. 

Along with in-garage delivery, Amazon and Walmart are exploring other delivery technologies, like drones and autonomous vehicles. 

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