Amazon Tests Its Own Health Gadget and Service

By Sheridan Fifer

Halo is Amazon's answer to the likes of Fitbit and the Apple Watch. Unlike its rivals' gadgets, the Halo band has no screen. The app has all the features you would expect from a fitness service, and then a couple things that are raising all kinds of questions, as well as interest. One, it uses a 3D body scan, created using just a smartphone camera, to measure body fat percentage. Once the image is created, users can touch and drag a slider button on the screen to see what they would look like with more or less body fat. Two, Halo learns to recognize your voice, then reads your tone throughout the day to gauge your emotional state. Amazon is already taking steps to answer all the questions potential users might have about privacy issues. Halo is not yet available to the public at large. 

Amazon’s opening it up as an early access program for now, which means you need to request to join rather than just signing up and buying it.

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