Amazon Tries Its Hand at Crowdfunding

By Sheridan Fifer

Amazon introduced its own crowdfunding platform last week, and a few days later, it already looks like a success. Build It is a Kickstarter-type platform for potential Amazon products. Amazon debuts a concept that will only be built and sold if it garners enough support in the form of preorders within thirty days. The first of these products was an Alexa-connected Smart Sticky Note Printer. Just three days after Amazon introduced it for preorder, the printer met its goal. The Smart Sticky Note Printer will begin shipping to those who preordered it at the special Build It price sometime between July and September. Two other potential products are also currently up for funding on Build It: the Smart Nutrition Scale and the Smart Cuckoo Clock. 

Three days in, Amazon’s bet to piggy-back on the hype of crowdfunding campaigns appears to be working.

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