Amazon Wants to Pay Shoppers for Their Data

By Sheridan Fifer

Amazon Shopper Panel is the online giant's latest bid to learn more about what shoppers are buying when they aren't buying from Amazon. The retailer is asking participants in the program to send in 10 receipts a month. The receipts can be from other retailers, including grocery stores, drug stores, and department stores, or from places such as entertainment outlets. Of course, Amazon does not want the receipts from its own stores. The reward for participation in the program (currently by invitation only) is money that can be applied to an existing Amazon Balance or sent to a charity. Amazon says it could possibly use the data gathered in this way to improve the product assortment in its stores, as well as the content on Prime Video. 

The program’s launch follows increased scrutiny over Amazon’s anti-competitive business practices in the U.S. and abroad when it comes to using consumers’ purchase data.

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