Amazon Will Take Its Healthcare Pilot Nationwide This Year

By Sheridan Fifer

Amazon is taking its healthcare pilot nationwide this summer, according to a recent announcement. Amazon Care will soon be available to companies of all sizes to offer to their employees. The model combines virtual medicine and in-person care. Through the Amazon Care app, patients can chat with a doctor or nurse. Should the issue require in-person care, a medical professional comes to the patient's home. Prescriptions are also delivered straight to patients' doors. Because of the greater complexity of arranging house visits, this part of the service will roll out more slowly, lagging well behind the summertime nationwide expansion of the virtual medicine piece of the program. 

Amazon’s ambitious have clearly exceeded those of its peers, and it looks intent on making a business line out of the work it did to improve its own employee care services — a strategy that isn’t too dissimilar from what happened with AWS, by the way.

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