Best Buy Lays Off 5,000 Employees

By Sheridan Fifer

The coronavirus pandemic has effectively culled Best Buy's workforce by about 21,000, according to the electronics retailer. For the most part, these reductions were not a result of direct layoffs. Some of the workers furloughed last year did not return to Best Buy, and Best Buy did not replace them. The retailer has confirmed that the accelerated shift to online shopping brought about by the pandemic has forced it to rethink its operations and reconfigure its workforce. And in the last few weeks, this reconfiguring has included formal layoffs of 5,000 employees, mostly full-time. Best Buy will add about 2,000 part-time positions as it adapts to meet the rapid shifts in consumer habits. The layoffs aren't the only changes the electronics retailer is making. 

Best Buy plans to reconfigure stores to devote less space to showrooms in the front of the store and more space to storage and shipping facilities in the back.

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