Big-Box Retailers Leverage Store Fleets with Curbside Pickup

By Sheridan Fifer

In the battle with Amazon for online shoppers' dollars, big-box retailers such as Walmart and Target are leveraging a key advantage: stores that can double as pickup hubs. Curbside and in-store pickup have a couple obvious advantages, such as shortening the wait time after shoppers complete their online purchases and giving consumers more control over when they receive their products. During the pandemic, these options have increased in popularity.

But retailers will have to work hard to get the pickup approach right if they want it to succeed in taking business from Amazon. Most shoppers still want their online purchases delivered to their homes, and those that are willing to make the trip to the store for order pickup aren't in the mood for delays or hassles associated with that process. 

The services could be key differentiators this week and throughout the holidays as big-box retailers try to divert dollars from Amazon.

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