Consumers' Grocery Lists Paint an Accurate Picture of Sales Activity

By Sheridan Fifer

Activity on digital grocery list apps is a pretty accurate indicator of sales activity. What consumers are putting on their lists, they are mostly following through and buying. This insight can help advertisers and brands make decisions about ad spend and promotional activity. 

The pandemic is changing shoppers' habits as they adjust to more time spent at home. Unilever saw demand for personal care products such as deodorant fall, but a coinciding rise in demand for ice cream compensated for the resulting drop in sales. Mondelez reports that shoppers are buying more snack foods as they dine out less. These changes, as reported by AdAdapted, correspond to the digital grocery lists kept by shoppers. Because sales data is relatively slow in coming, add-to-list behavior can help brands decide how to spend their marketing budget and when to stage promotions. 

Considering that the add-to-list habits of grocery list app users closely reflect purchase data, advertisers can consider using insights like these in the following ways...

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