Costco Is Slowly Bringing Back Samples and the Food Court

By Sheridan Fifer

Slowly but surely, Costco is reinstating a couple of its members' favorite things: its free samples and its food courts. The handing out of samples ceased abruptly shortly after the coronavirus erupted onto the world scene last year, and the famous food courts were closed. Members could still get hot dogs and pizza, but only for takeout. 

Now, the menu is expanding to include more old favorites, including ice cream, smoothies, and churros. The food courts are open once more, though only those with outdoor seating for now. Costco plans to open up indoor seating soon. As for free samples, the retailer will start by offering samples of prepared foods at plexiglass stations. Later, samples of cooked food items will be offered as well. 

Costco Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti expects a full return for the food courts: "God willing. But it's going to take some time," he said in an interview Wednesday.

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