Dollar General Pays Some of the Lowest Wages in the Retail Industry, Report Claims

By Sheridan Fifer

A new report from UBS says that Dollar General pays its employees the lowest wages out of 25 major retailers. The average wage, calculated using self-reported data on Payscale, is $9.68 an hour. Trailing Dollar General on the list are Dollar Tree and Dollar King, which pay $10 and $10.11 an hour respectively. (To compare, Walmart pays associates an average of $13.08 an hour, according to the same report. Target now has a minimum wage of $15 an hour.)

The report was released at a time when dollar stores are thriving. Dollar General saw its net sales rise 27.6% in May as shoppers sought smaller stores with cheap goods. In the meantime, some employees say they risk more than catching the coronavirus: reports from CNN and ProPublica say that dollar stores are frequently the scenes and targets of violent crimes. One Dollar General employee recently sued the dollar store chain after surviving no fewer than three armed robberies in less than a year. 

By comparison, Walmart pays employees $13.08 an hour on average per UBS. Target recently raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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