E-Commerce Sampling Has Arrived, and It Is Poised to Displace In-Store Sampling

By Sheridan Fifer

What sets e-commerce sampling apart from in-store sampling is the ability to customize samples and target specific groups of consumers based on data collected while those consumers shop online. Another difference is that, while the pandemic has put the brakes on in-store sampling and probably changed it forever, it has only increased the importance of e-commerce sampling.

E-commerce samples are sent to shoppers' homes and arrive as a surprise. According to Brandshare, a company that specializes in sampling, the conversion rates are stellar. Nearly 100% of the consumers who receive such samples open the box they come in. 97% try the sample, and between 14% and 33% convert to the brand. 

Marketing research firm Mintel reports that 76% of Millennials think sampling is fun, so there is every reason to believe that E-Commerce sampling will thrive going forward – but to what extent will there still be a market for traditional sampling?

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