H&M Releases Its First Sustainable Apparel Collection

By Sheridan Fifer

H&M has faced criticism in the past for its impact on the environment, and now the apparel retailer is extending its sustainable initiatives to the very products it sells. A new concept called Innovation Stories will include several sustainable apparel collections. The first collection, named Science Story, features pieces made with natural and recycled materials, including EVO, a yarn created from castor oil, and Desserto, a leather substitute made from cactus plants. The goal of the sustainable changes to H&M's product assortment and supply chain is to create a circular fashion system, according to a statement from the retailer's creative advisor. 

"Our new concept continues H&M's journey towards a sustainable and circular fashion system. Innovation Stories allows us to develop and grow, all while creating desirable and long-lasting pieces that we hope our customers will love and be proud of..."

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