Labor Board Finds Amazon Broke the Law by Firing Outspoken Workers

By Sheridan Fifer

The U.S. National Labor Relations Board has found that Amazon illegally fired two employees who publicly criticized workplace conditions during the pandemic. Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa both lost their jobs last year after they spoke out about the online retailer's policies and rules. Amazon denied that this was the reason for the termination of their employment. The online retailer alleged that these two former employees violated internal policies and were fired as a result. The labor board did not accept this argument. The board said that if the parties do not reach a settlement in the case, its regional director in Seattle will issue a complaint. 

The decision comes at a delicate moment for Amazon as it awaits the outcome of its Bessemer, Alabama, workers’ vote on whether to make their warehouse the company’s first unionized facility in the country.

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