Lululemon Promises Bigger Sizes, Sustainable Materials

By Sheridan Fifer

Athletic wear company Lululemon announced that it has begun adding more sizes to its product lineup. This year, the company introduced sizes between 0 and 20 for six popular women's products, leaving open the possibility of adding even bigger sizes later. The announcement comes as the company distances itself from the controversy stirred up by its former CEO's comments about larger women and yoga pants. Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald says that the company's sizing was holding it back. 

In addition to inclusive sizing, Lululemon has pledged to use sustainable materials to make all it products within a few years. It has also promised to use only renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and cut freshwater use. 

Lululemon joins the ranks of companies ranging from Clorox and Walmart to Target and Adidas, all of which have introduced similar social and environmental goals in recent years as a growing contingent of their consumers have demanded them.

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