Macy's Cancels Santa's In-Store Appearances

By Sheridan Fifer

Santa has been coming to Macy's stores each Christmas for 159 years. But this year, the department store retailer is calling off the tradition in the interest of safety. Instead of sitting with Santa and telling him everything on their Christmas wish list, kids will get to engage in a virtual experience complete with elves and, at the end, Santa himself.

Though Macy's has called off Santa's in-person appearances, some malls are still giving kids a face-to-face meeting with him, though from behind plexiglass, rather like a "drive-up window."

And this isn't the only retail holiday tradition that the pandemic has altered. 

Macy's isn't getting rid of Santa completely this year. He'll still be a star of the department store's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But even the parade will look different. 

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