Target Launches a Perfectly Timed Arts and Crafts Brand

By Sheridan Fifer

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Target had noted consumers' increased interest in arts and crafts. So the retailer began preparations to launch what would become its first arts and crafts brand in more than a decade. As Target's senior vice president and chief design officer Julie Guggemos pointed out, the timing for this new brand's release (nationwide rollout by the end of March) couldn't be better.

Target is calling the line of art supplies Mondo Llama. The first part of the name conjures "something remarkable," and the last part references the animal known for having a mind of its own. The line includes everything from paints, crayons, and canvases to kits and project boxes, most priced at under $25. 

“With the pandemic we saw great increase with families, doing crafting together,” Guggemos said. “So the timing of the brand couldn't be more perfect. ... People are using Pinterest as inspiration and getting the creative bug. We're finding that people of all levels of creative ability want to get in on the fun.”

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