Toys "R" Us Store Count Returns to Zero

By Sheridan Fifer

Just over a year ago, Tru Kids, the owner of the recently-bankrupt Toys "R" Us, opened two new brick-and-mortar stores under the Toys "R" Us banner. These locations were not stores in the traditional sense; instead, they functioned as showrooms, where toymakers paid a fee to display their products for shoppers to try out. But though the pandemic has boosted rather than pressured the toy market, Toys "R" Us does not seem to have benefitted. It is permanently closing these two locations, citing the effects of the pandemic and promising to invest in more in-demand channels. 

The truth is, two stores was never very much after the big-box version of Toys R Us collapsed. Amazon, Walmart and Target largely took over the old toy retailer's market share. Even for a beloved brand name, competing with those giants is a gargantuan task.  

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