Toys R Us Trades Target Partnership for Amazon

By Sheridan Fifer

Despite the bad blood between Toys R Us and Amazon (the former took the latter to court fifteen years ago to end their partnership), the toy retailer is nevertheless dropping Target, its former e-commerce partner, for undisclosed reasons. Instead of running its e-commerce business through Target, Toys R Us' website will now feature links to Amazon's marketplace, where shoppers can complete their toy purchases. E-commerce has long been the weak spot of Toys R Us (its failure in that area played a key role in its 2017 bankruptcy), and experts are warning that the toy retailer will need to figure out its online game before time runs out once more. 

Toys R Us won the short-term battle when it took Amazon to court 15 years ago to end a previous partnership, but the fact that the Toys R Us website now is linking to Amazon shows definitively that Amazon won the war.

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