Walmart CEO Plans Gradual Approach to Scaling Walmart+

By Sheridan Fifer

Early estimates paint Walmart's membership program as a big success, but Walmart won't reveal the number of subscribers to Walmart+. Instead, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon says the company is judging success by a different metric entirely: the Net Promoter Score, which is a measure of how likely customers are to recommend the program. By building a loyal membership base over time, McMillon wants to avoid the mistake of scaling too quickly and exceeding Walmart's capacity to deliver. In other words, Walmart will prioritize the quality of the subscriber experience over the quantity of subscribers. 

“I realize we’re going to face some pressure to share numbers and to scale this really quick,” he said. “This is not a Disney+ or a Netflix membership for streaming. It requires capacity. It requires humans. This is a different product, but it’ll be a Walmart product.”

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