Walmart Prepares U.S. Stores to Receive and Administer the Coronavirus Vaccine

By Sheridan Fifer

A vaccine for the coronavirus is getting closer, and Walmart wants to play a role in distributing it in the U.S. The retailer's chief medical officer Dr. Tom Van Gilder said that Walmart is preparing its stores to receive, store, and administer the vaccine. States and jurisdictions will set the rules for who is first in line to receive the vaccine, and Gilder says Walmart is entering into agreements with states so it can help with the rollout. He also said that Walmart is in a unique position to help, since most of the American population lives within 10 miles of a Walmart location and the retailer has healthcare staff that already administer other vaccines. 

Walmart is one of several companies gearing up for coronavirus vaccines, especially as the much-awaited doses get closer to approval and availability in the U.S.

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