Walmart Steps Up Coronavirus Vaccine Program

By Sheridan Fifer

The race to contain the coronavirus pandemic is on, and retailers around the country are stepping up to help distribute and administer the vaccine. Walmart, with its vast network of in-store pharmacies, is rapidly expanding its vaccination program to more states. In the next two weeks, the retailer will begin administering the vaccine in Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas. Stores in Puerto Rico and Chicago will also begin offering the vaccine, which Walmart is already administering to healthcare workers in Arkansas and New Mexico.

In each state, specific segments of the population have priority, and not every Walmart store in these states will be administering the vaccine. Still, Walmart is training pharmacists and expanding its capacity to such a degree that it believes it will be able to administer 10 to 13 million doses of the vaccine per month.  

The move from the world's largest retailer comes as US President Joe Biden races to accelerate a frustratingly slow vaccination campaign that has stranded about half of 38 million shots in freezers.

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