Walmart Tests Tech Services Resembling Best Buy's Geek Squad, but Cheaper

By Sheridan Fifer

Walmart says it has spotted a need among customers, and it is testing the possibility of fulfilling it. Starting in four locations around Dallas and one in Springdale, Arkansas, Walmart will set up kiosks that allow customers to sign up for tech services such as in-home installation. Repair services will also be offered. Walmart's big selling point for the new program seems to be price. For instance, a screen replacement at Best Buy costs $129.99; Walmart customers will pay just $79. The retailer plans to make the service available in fifty locations by the middle of the year 2021. 

“With the increasing pace that new electronic devices and categories are released, our customers have told us they need help navigating the tech world,” Darryl Spinks, senior director of Walmart Services, told The Dallas Morning News.

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