Walmart's Asda Faces Equal Pay Lawsuit

By Sheridan Fifer

Walmart's Asda will soon face an equal pay lawsuit before the United Kingdom's Supreme Court. More than 15,000 employees brought the case against Asda, alleging discrimination in the way store workers are paid. These employees say that they should be paid the same wages as warehouse workers. The discrimination claim arises from the fact that most of Asda's warehouse workers are men. Asda maintains that the work in warehouses is different than work in stores, and that this accounts for the pay disparity. Should the group win their case, it could cost Asda up to 8 billion pounds, or just over $10 billion. 

David Pannick, Asda’s lawyer, said an equal pay claim was not applicable in this case, because store workers and warehouse workers were under different employment programs, in different areas.

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