Washington DC Attorney General Files Suit Against Amazon

By Sheridan Fifer

Amazon is facing a lawsuit from Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine. Racine says the online retailer has created a monopoly that violates antitrust laws by limiting competition and innovation while raising prices for customers, harming both consumers and vendors. According to the lawsuit, Amazon's third-party sellers are not permitted to offer their products at lower prices on any other platform – not even their own online stores. And because Amazon is so dominant in the e-commerce space, these vendors must choose between setting fair prices and retaining access to the market, Racine claims. This isn't the first time Amazon has faced scrutiny of its business practices, and according to the experts, it isn't likely to end here, either. 

Aaron Edlin, a professor of law and economics at the University of California, Berkeley told the Post that the D.C. attorney general’s suit will likely be followed by a broader federal suit in the coming years. 

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