Selling to the Masses - How Great Products Go From Idea to Shelf

Selling to the Masses - How Great Products Go From Idea to Shelf

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Learn how to get your product from an idea to the shelves and online stores of Walmart and major retailers.

Matt Fifer has spent the past 25 years studying retail, working with and for some of the country's most successful consumer brands.  Now, he spends his time running his own businesses and collaborating with the founders and leaders of early stage companies.

Regardless of the stage of your product (a big idea, 3D drawings, prototype, etc.), this conversation will give you an honest and eye opening introduction to the process of bringing consumer products to the mass market, and will improve your chances of being among the 5% of consumer product launches that succeed.

During this 90 minute conversation, he'll discuss:

  • Product and team readiness.
  • Choosing the right path and pace.
  • Getting the right meetings (with the right people, at the right time).
  • Preparing for the pitch.
  • Knowing your business.
  • Making the pitch.
  • Follow up (after a yes or a no).

Matt will take questions as he goes and be available for one-on-one coaching upon request.