Fast Pitch

Supplier teams are constantly looking for innovative services and solutions to problems that are often unique to their business. But they don't have time to invest in researching providers, or to spend sitting through pitch after pitch while they look for the very best match.

Service and solution providers are constantly looking for ways to break through the noise, often competing for share of voice against companies with much larger sales and marketing budgets in order to get in front of supplier teams with their capabilities. And even then, getting appointments after cold contacting those prospects is challenging at best.

Fast Pitch brings both parties together, offering companies the opportunity to deliver their very best pitch to a live audience in 30 minutes or less. (Each event is recorded and hosted on our website for future views.)

Ready to Pitch?

RJW Logistics Group

RJW Logistics Group is a leading retail logistics and consolidation provider that out-performs the market by bringing your product to the retail shelf on-time, in-full, and at a lower overall...


Retail data is hard. It doesn’t have to be. SupplyPike provides elegant and accessible supply chain solutions so suppliers can focus on what matters most - growing their business. We...