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Boost your Walmart sales by offering 1-day and 2-day free delivery. With Cahoot order fulfillment network, you can now ship to customers anywhere in the country in 2-days or less using economical ground shipping. Our large network of warehouses across the US can help you get closer to your customer, cutting down both delivery time and shipping costs.

The Cahoot software integrates seamlessly with your existing services and automatically routes orders to the most optimal fulfillment location. No manual work required. Cahoot is merchant-friendly and super affordable. It even has the option for merchants to make money ($$) if they choose to participate in Cahoot’s “Peer-to-Peer Fulfillment” model. Please speak with our experts to learn more.

Grow your business on Walmart and every other channel you sell on, talk to our fulfillment experts today to get started.


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