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Integrated Insights

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Integrated Insights helps clients see their business through the eyes of their customers, and to apply that perspective to make their brand more appealing and more relevant. We’ve removed barriers to sales growth in 200+ categories by asking better questions, finding better answers, and translating critical thinking into informed decision-making.

We’re more than market research…we deliver refined, turnkey direction that provides the confidence and clarity to act. Our systematic approach utilizes dozens of proven models and techniques to reveal the underlying behavioral psychology of shoppers and identify the best ways to orchestrate desired actions…in store & online.

Our work typically focuses on four common objectives:

  • Ecommerce Optimization: Designing a high conversion online shopping experience (i.e. Conversion Rate Optimization for all forms of digital selling)
  • Product Optimization: Guiding better internal design decisions related to concept or product development, packaging, branding, messaging, pricing, innovation, etc. (i.e. almost all customer touchpoints)
  • Sell-in Support: Improving the ability to influence external decisions related to retail distribution, line review story development, retail support, etc. (i.e. telling a customer-focused story)
  • Employee Engagement: Using objective, quantitative data to place the right person in the right role, monitor their engagement, and help continually improve their performance.

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