Team Pass

Supplier Community CONNECT!Supplier Community CONNECT! is an All Access Pass to peer-led classes, events, meetups, and more, where like-minded industry professionals gather, connect, share, and support one another in their efforts to make and execute better plans, to serve their customers, and to grow their business.
Every member of your team will receive a CONNECT! membership, representing an All Access Pass to:
  • Classes, events, meetups, and more, with panels, presentations, and open discussions that are led by your peers and other industry thought leaders.
  • Every Supplier Community Event that you miss (via video on demand).
  • Anonymity (when it's needed) to ask questions, share information, and voice concerns.
  • Discounts & Other Offers from Supplier Community CONNECT! Partners.

    Supplier Community CONNECT! levels the playing field, giving professionals at any stage in their career and working for organizations of any size and stage equal and more frequent access to thought leadership.