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Blake Puryear

eCommerce Strategist

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Product-focused & data-driven technical leader with a passion for shopper marketing and user experience. Excels at the intersection of digital products & people. Shepherds & leads cross-functional teams through complex product development. Agile leader at heart, adaptable and flexible when faced with adversity. Skilled at scoping projects and launching elegant solutions to highly complex digital problems. Adept at understanding the user’s perspective. Advocate for stakeholders & engineers. Thrives in the unknown.

I am a product management strategist & eCommerce expert. I’ve worked for and with some of the largest eCommerce companies in Arkansas. I was a core part of the team at Country Outfitter that created a $100m online boot company on the backbone of Facebook. There, I sat between 20+ devs and designers and translated the needs of the C-Suite into actionable projects and product releases. After leaving Country Outfitter with CEO John James, I co-founded Hayseed Ventures. At Hayseed Ventures, I mentored and served as CTO for 13+ startups and met with over 300 entrepreneurs. Hayseed created over 170+ jobs and has seen follow-on raises and exits of its portfolio companies.

At Engine, I spearheaded the creation and product direction of an entirely new eCommerce platform. From the customer-facing cart storefront, intuitive admin to product creation, I led teams to develop and create a market-ready, sales increasing platform used by multiple brands and a few household names.

I bridge the gap between stakeholders and developers, helping to iron out requirements, assess scope, and then track the projects through to completion. I'm passionate about developer-stakeholder communication, agile tools, and creative solutions to tough problems. I love making connections between people and teams. Fluid communication and finding middle ground solutions that favor the user is my specialty. I think that the strongest leaders are servant-leaders, leading their teams from within to drive success and launch successful products.

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