Conversations On Retail With Thomas Tessmer

Conversations On Retail With Thomas Tessmer

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Join Matt as he spends some time visiting with Thomas Tessmer, the Chief Curiosity Officer at Integrated Insights.

With endless curiosity and a contrarian mindset, Thomas Tessmer has helped companies identify and remove barriers to sales growth for 20+ years. In that time, he has improved the customer experience in 200+ categories by translating critical thinking into disciplined decision-making.

His work has been utilized across all major U.S. retail channels and in more than 10 countries by a portfolio of clients that range from billion-dollar brands to startups working to join that three-comma club.

His attention is currently focused on evangelizing new ways to merge insight from the psychology of shopping and consumption with the endless streams of online behavioral data. He is working to help clients win at the new dynamics of navigating a digital shelf, where discovery…not distribution…is the primary barrier.

About Conversations On Retail

Ever since taking his first "real job" at 15 stocking shelves part-time in a small store in his little hometown, Matt Fifer has been hooked on retail.

Nearly 35 years later, after walking stores all over the globe and strategizing alongside leaders from some of the world's most admired retailers and consumer product companies, he still look for excuses to get into a store wherever he is and walk the aisles... just for fun.

But even more fascinating than the stores themselves are the leaders responsible for them, and getting to know these extraordinary people has been the most rewarding aspect of Matt's entire career.

Conversations On Retail is his outlet for spending a little time catching up with some of the most inspiring people he's met (and continues to meet) along his journey in order to celebrate their work and achievements and to pass along some of their best insights.

During their conversations, Matt and his guests talk about hot new upstarts, big breakthroughs, and important trends that are shaping the way we shop, consume, and live.