Douglas Haase

Douglas Haase

Former Director of Marketing, Kraft Foods

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Known to the Industry as “Director of Fun” as named by numerous retail executives. Creator of crown jewel retailtainment Oreo Stacking , Holiday Photo programs , Black History Month Recipes, and Quarterbacks of the Century (as seen in the book “The Walmart Decade”) and successful frozen and produce promotions featuring 5 a Day , and NFRA.

Haase pioneered the multi-platform marketing plans at Walmart utilizing digital , in-store media and retail programming with multi category total store increases in dollar share/merchandising. This led to Haase leading the sell in of Triad Media for online marketing/monetization to Walmart and Sams (which has now been taken in-house).

Has had a 20 year career with Nabisco/Kraft in Director of Sales/Marketing roles. At Mars Advertising he enjoyed 2 years as VP of Entertainment Marketing launching their Bentonville office. He has been CEO of Haaseline Entertainment and CPG Product Placement Group for last 14 years working with product and promotional/licensed program development , sell-in and executional success for numerous CPG companies at Retail.

Developing successful campaigns , retailtainment, programs with sports, and entertainment tie-ins has been key to success with CPG companies and Retail. Driving execution, merchandising , share/display growth with targeted sell-in strategy has been key measured success with Haaseline Entertainment.

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