Drew Clemmons

Drew Clemmons

Add-To-List & Retailer Strategy Expert

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Drew is an experienced mobile advertising, retail marketing, and merchandising professional. With advanced knowledge of the Add-to-List activation strategy, in Drew’s current role he advises on effective digital marketing strategies and helps brands capitalize on the leading mobile activation, Add-It.

Drew is also skilled in the marketing and merchandising of several product categories at Walmart, Sam's Club, and many other retailers. His experience includes Add-to-List Activation Strategies, In-Store Marketing, Digital & Shopper Marketing, Demos, Pallet Trains, Product Displays, Kit Packing, Corrugate Production and Sourcing, Entertainment, Modulars, and Floor Plans.

Drew is currently working with AdAdapted, a mobile advertising and insights platform with a patented add-to-list solution that offers brands a unique way to activate consumers, measure intent, and respond to deep consumer insights that come from list-building activity.

Drew has had the opportunity to sit on many different sides of the table within the advertising world, including retailers, brands, and vendors, making him an invaluable resource for brands, agencies, and retailers alike. His past experience has included time with Walmart, Catapult Marketing/Epsilon, Shopper Events, and New Creature. With his varied and valuable experience in the advertising space, Drew has helped several companies bridge gaps between engagement and spend and has also aided these companies in substantial growth and revenue generation.

Drew is excited to be a resource here on NWA Supplier Community and looks forward to having the opportunity to discuss current state advertising strategies, retail engagement solutions, and more with you and your team.

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