Jon Dowda

Jon Dowda

CEO, RGM (Monterrey, México)

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Jon Dowda has worked in retail for the better part of twenty-five years. In the nineties, he began by installing vendor displays at home center rollouts across the USA for a major floor covering vendor, transitioning through the company to manage all retail rollouts and head up an international sales division. In 2003, he founded a sales and service company in Monterrey, México, focused on managing retail business to and from Latin America.

During this time, he has lived in Mexico and become part of the culture. Not only “eyes and ears on the ground,” Jon is a recognized player in the local retail industry, having worked in many arenas, in both modern and traditional channels. He is also a guest lecturer to the Business and Marketing school at the University of Monterrey, teaching the survey course, “Retailing in the 21st Century.”

Jon and his team at RGM have experience in all facets of retail marketing, both to and from México, having developed programs from conception to implementation. The associates at RGM have been instrumental in the successful rollout of several major USA-based retail chains, from surveys to setups to resets.



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