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Michael is a retail and data-technology leader who over the past 20+ years has worked for and been an advisor to many of the world’s leading retailers. Michael helped launch Costco’s groundbreaking Executive Membership program and served as the first Representative Director on the team launching Costco Japan. Michael spent 4 years at Walmart International as the Director of Marketing and Membership for Sam’s Club International. In both his roles at Costco and at Walmart, Michael helped lead the early charge to leverage data to better personalized the membership club shopping experience.

In his seven years as Retail Practice Chief Marketing Officer and Data Strategy Consultant with Teradata, Michael specialized in helping enable clients to better understand and capture the true value of their data and to leverage data as a strategic asset. Michael worked directly with a diverse set of Fortune global retailers, CPG, manufacturing, and banking fintech companies on data and digital transformation strategies. Michael has advised many companies both large and small about harnessing the power of data and on diverse data-driven business topics, including: Data-Driven Retail in the Age of Amazon, and Optimizing Data to Ensure Customers Remain at the Heart of Decision Making.

Your Data has a real business-value story to tell. Michael can help you bring your data to life and give it a voice. Michael can provide data expertise and guidance for any company:

  • Data Strategy- Leverage your data to drive innovation and competitive advantage. Managing and monetizing data as an asset across the company.
  • Data Application to Solve Business Problems- Mapping key business questions to the right data needed to address business needs.
  • Data Governance- Create, define, and structure frameworks for complying with CCPA, GDPR, FCRA and personally identifiable information protection regulations.
  • Data Storytelling- Understanding and explaining your data and inspiring action through powerful business value storytelling.



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