Street Smarts Series: Taking Charge of Your Career

Street Smarts Series: Taking Charge of Your Career

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One of the most common mistakes a person can make professionally, is waiting until they are out of a job to begin looking for one.

Another is getting looked over for opportunities, because their skills are less relevant in today’s rapidly changing market.

Denise Natishan and Mike Whittington are senior partners with CSA Recruiters, a leader among search firms in the consumer goods industry and the go-to talent resource for a wide range of leadership roles throughout the United States.

Join Denise, Mike, and Stephanie Meehan for a conversation that will help you take charge of your career in new ways, and ensure you are always ready for what’s next.

We’ll discuss:

  • What positions are in the highest and lowest demand today
  • CPG job market outlook for the next 5 years
  • Critical skills needed to remain relevant and advance
  • Taking calls and being ready to respond to opportunities
  • The importance of partnerships (with a recruiter)
  • The right resume in 2021
  • Developing and protecting your personal brand
  • The importance of networking and community