The Allan Sullivan Company

The Allan Sullivan Company

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The Allan Sullivan Co. is a retail sales and analytics organization that works with CPG clients calling on Walmart, Dollar Tree/Family Dollar, and Dollar General. Our core services are: Turn-Key Sales Representation, Sales Operations Automation, and Reporting and Dashboarding.

Our Turn-Key Sales Representation service is far more than what you would expect from your typical broker. Most brokers think that in introduction to the buyer, picking you up at the airport, and letting you buy them lunch is doing their job. We take a decidedly different approach to how we service our clients. From a robust onboarding process to a disciplined growth roadmap, we deploy a best-in-class operating rhythm with weekly reporting and dashboarding as well as a granular analysis on what’s driving/dragging on the business – which flows into our account management teams that work on your behalf with the buyer, replenishment, ecommerce, and your internal cross functional teams to improve your overall performance at the retailer.

Our Sales Operations Automation is what takes a business from being a great product in a buyer’s mind to a great partner. The impact is huge because great partners are the ones that buyers choose to grow year after year and promote above and beyond the rest. So what exactly is Sales Operations? It’s everything but the actual sale – item setup, test POs, lead time audits, weekly buyer reports, weekly store gap audits, weekly service level metric audits, weekly item level driver and drag analysis. It’s everything that takes you from good to great. We do the work and hand you all the answers to the test.

Our Reporting and Dashboarding services have two options: Turn-key, retailer specific reporting designed to show you exactly what a buyer looks at and custom reporting designed to save you time and resources.