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Industry News

Amazon Delays Prime Day

In the wake of the outbreak of the coronavirus, Amazon announced it would postpone its shopping holiday Prime Day as it dealt with a deluge of online orders. The online retailer considered holding the event in September, but according to...

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Macy's Reports Almost $4 Billion in Losses

Macy's CEO Jeff Gennette says he expects the coronavirus pandemic to continue to affect the country for the rest of the year, but what he doesn't expect is another shutdown. The first shutdown cost Macy's almost $4 billion in losses...

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Amazon Acquires Zoox, a Self-Driving Car Startup

Amazon has acquired a self-driving car startup called Zoox in a deal rumored to have cost the online retail giant more than $1 billion. Amazon has invested in self-driving vehicle technology before, but this may be the largest such investment...

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Powering Amazon Marketplace Profitability

Being profitable on Amazon today isn’t as easy as it once was, and that’s why companies like aiCommerce, which offers full service market management through a synergy of artificial and human intelligence, were born. Join aiCommerce Chief Strategist Jeff Gneiser...

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Supply Chain vs Supply Chain

Join CaseStack’s Dan Sanker and Sightline’s Shannon Bedore as they discuss the ins and outs of the supply chain and how it is quickly becoming the differentiator for today’s successful retailer companies. Topics Include: Retail re-defined Consolidating for efficiency and...

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Walmart International Overview

  With 5,000 stores across the globe, Walmart International accounts for about 25% of the retailer’s business. In this video, Clorox Company veteran Luis Guzman-Barron shares his expertise and insights on Walmart International, its strategies, and how to win with...

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Expert Views

Into the Digital Aisle: What Can Brands Learn From The Leaders of the Potato Chips & Crisps E-commerce Category?

E-commerce is a dynamic market and the coronavirus pandemic has transformed it further by thrusting grocery e-commerce to the forefront of U.S. households. Those brands which are able to ride the surging waves of demand will capture extraordinary upside and...

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Into the Digital Aisle: What Does the Competitive Landscape Look Like for the ‘Energy Drinks’ eCommerce Category?

The current speed of evolution in the ‘Beverages’ category is unprecedented. This pace of change is also seen broadly across all of e-commerce, as national brands are frequently out-maneuvered by digitally-native (and often unknown) brands. Micro-trends are now the new...

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Into the Digital Aisle: Which Brands Are Leading the ‘Dried Fruits & Vegetables’ E-Commerce Category and Why?

In the continually shifting trends of Online Grocery & Gourmet Food, category leadership can be difficult to achieve and nearly impossible to retain. Yet some brands are capable of successfully navigating the constant change. Reviate asked, “How?” and “Are there...

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